As is a REDEX™ aimed to best service and best price advantage to our customers. The Company is working with which is leading company of glass industry. We provide advantages as like ;

  • Free pattern for appromixate +100K piece of perfume bottles and cream jars orders.
  • Produce all sorts of 20cc to 120cc glass bottles.
  • Wide product portfolio and following brand new bottles in market.
  • Turkish speaking workers.
  • Pressing your logo to package and bottles.
  • Working with accomplished professinals and highest ranked company commitee.
  • Packagin FULL CONTAINER with best measurement skills and getting max. earnings.
  • Warranty %0 damage with safe packaging.
  • Having record in Shangai Turkish Consulate.
  • Having an agreement for each tradement.

Perfect Packaging

 As it is seen in the picture, packing is expensive. Because packing a container of valves and cover takes almost 8 days(24 Hours/3 Shifts). However the faculty based on china rural and placed in cost-efficient workers because of those we have best price advantange. REDEX™ is the one address to shipp cover and valve togetger.


Well, Who are our customers?

Our customers are respectively ;

  • No Name Perfume Producers
  • Big Perfume Producers
  • Cosmetics Product Wholesalers
  • Glass Bottle Wholesalers
  • Pharmaceutical Plants
  • Amber Glass Bottle Wholesalers