Perfume Bottle Price Rate

Competition in glass industry, in process since 2005 and it goes higher. Mass production and technology transfering have a part in competition.

But energy is a most effecting factor of price rates of perfume bottles and other glass products. During perfume bottle production, most important things are keeping factory working 24 hours, keeping raw material melted and keeping molds warm up.

Turkey is being in glass industy with high quality, also machine industy is ever-growing.

Most effecting factors to price rates of glass bottles;

  • -Energy
  • Raw Materials
  • Labor Force, (Energy has a part in cake as 70%.).

Production of Perfume Bottles

Perfume bottle production has standart technics.

Using blow and blow technic when production flask(perfume, beer). On process of blow and blow technic, melted glass droplet(1050°C – 1200°C) blows and roll up on mold.

Perfume bottle production with steps:

Perfume bottle production

Perfume bottle production

Widemouthed glass bottle:

Flask production with steps

Widemouthed glass bottle

Flask production with steps:

Flask production with steps

Flask production with steps relevant domains Llitcaparabhund

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