Empty Nail Polish Bottles

If you are looking for nail polish bottles, you are in right place. First let us give some information about nail polish production. We are nail polish manufacturer and providing best price with quality.

– Nail polish products are not very difficult to produce.

– Weight of the bottle is very important. Adjustment of the production machine is has to be very sensitive.

– Production time is much quick than bigger products because each mould can produce two pieces at a time.

– There is a something different at the cost calculation of the nail polish ( generally 0 – 10 ml bottles ). Rather than the glass raw material, production time is much important, that`s why most of the nail polish bottle prices are nearly same. It`s can`t change too much.

We are manufacturing small bottles for nail polish, roll on and tester bottles. If you have any inquiry please click here to contact with.

If you want to check our empty nail polish bottles, please click here.

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