Ordering Sample / Bank Accounts

paypal_secure_paymentOur company provide easiest way to pay sample fee to customers by PAYPAL.

-What is the best way of shipping payment?

The best way is you can call DHL or UPS and register to them. Once you finish your registration they will provide you a customer number. You just need to provide that number, account name and address to us and we can send the samples to you. So like that you`ll pay the shipping fee directly to them.

or you can choose below method. It`s also very easy…

All you need to do is contact with our Sales and ask for which model bottle samples you are looking for to get. After that our sales person will tell you the type of weight ( such as: Weight A, Weight B or Weight C ). http://www.perfume-bottles.com.cn/ordering-sample-bank-accounts/ http://www.perfume-bottles.com.cn/ordering-sample-bank-accounts/ http://www.perfume-bottles.com.cn/ordering-sample-bank-accounts/And than you can
place your payment from this page in securely.

NOTE: This way of payment is securest way to make payment. If you want to pay by TT, you can find our company`s accounts below.

PAYPAL Payment:



TT USD Payment:

Receiver Name: Shanghai Ying Yuan Import and Export Co. Ltd.

Bank: HSBC Hong Kong

Account Number: 400 860334 838



TT Chinese Yuan ( RMB ) Payment:

Receiver Name: Shanghai Ying Yuan Import and Export Co. Ltd.

Bank: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Shanghai Municipal Branch

Account Number: 10011 6800900 6957944



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