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Types of Pharmaceutical Bottles

Types of Pharmaceutical Glass Bottles

1- Moulded Vial for Antibiotics

– Clear moulded injection vials for antibiotics, ring finish, ISO/SFDA 20mm. USP type Ⅱ,Ⅲ

– Clear moulded injection vials for antibiotics, ring finish, GB19.7mm, USP type Ⅱ,Ⅲ

2- Clear Borosilicate Glass

– Clear borosilicate glass, USP typeⅠ

3- Infusion Aqueous Bottle

– Clear infusion bottle, ring finish, ISO/SFDA 32mm, SFDA 28mm, USP type Ⅱ

4- Food & Drinking Bottle

– Clear glass bottles for syrup, Din PP 28mm

– Clear drop dispensing bottles, Din 18mm

– Flint beverage bottles, PP 28mm

5- Amber Glass Bottle

– Amber moulded injection vials for antibiotics, ring finish, ISO/SFDA 200mm, USP type Ⅱ,Ⅲ

– Amber drop dispensing bottles, Din 18mm

– Amber glass bottles for syrup, Din PP 20,22,24,25,28mm

– Amber glass bottles for syrup, Boston Round, PP 18,20,28mm

– Amber glass bottles, Boston Round, G.P.I 400-18,20,22,28mm

– Amber glass bottles for syrup, screw finish, STD PP 28mm

– Amber glass bottles for tablet, wide mouth, G.P.I 400

6- Ampoule & Glass Tubing

– Clear ampoules made of low borosilicate glass & glass tubing

7- Tube Vial for Antibiotic

– Clear injection vials made of low borosilicate glass tubing, ring finish, 13,20mm

8- Prefillable Syringe

9- Plastic Bottle

– White HDPE bottles

We hereby certify our products comply with China SDFA norms, ISO Standard, and meet the chemical and physical characteristics specified in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia 25th edition, and in the United Stated Pharmacopoeia USP 31 edition, and also European Pharmacopoeia. the domain tempe az cheap car rental . available domains .

Empty Nail Polish Bottles

If you are looking for nail polish bottles, you are in right place. First let us give some information about nail polish production. We are nail polish manufacturer and providing best price with quality.

– Nail polish products are not very difficult to produce.

– Weight of the bottle is very important. Adjustment of the production machine is has to be very sensitive.

– Production time is much quick than bigger products because each mould can produce two pieces at a time.

– There is a something different at the cost calculation of the nail polish ( generally 0 – 10 ml bottles ). Rather than the glass raw material, production time is much important, that`s why most of the nail polish bottle prices are nearly same. It`s can`t change too much.

We are manufacturing small bottles for nail polish, roll on and tester bottles. If you have any inquiry please click here to contact with.

If you want to check our empty nail polish bottles, please click here.

Clear Glass

How to make sure that your products quality good and how to manufacture clear glass products.

There are couple of factors to get clear glass products.

– Raw Material:

If manufacturer uses recycling glasses more than raw material, the glass color will be more green. Which is not very clear. So it depends on the material which is you are using.

– Qualified Molds and Heating System:

The other factor is mold. You must have perfect shaped mold to produce clear glasses but it’s not enough. the manufacturer start to production, if mold is cold, outside of the bottle will has scratches. So before the manufacturing process you need some special oven to heat the mold and than you not going to waste time.

Time = Money

Glass Containers

Glass jars and containers are getting much popular and especially for sustenance and medical products are need use glass containers for packing. This is became government regulation in most countries.

Our glass container products:

– Cosmetic Packing

  • Perfume bottles,
  • Cream Jars,

– Alcoholic Products Packing

  • Beer bottles
  • Wine bottles

Our company is able to produce most kind of glass containers. You can check our company’s online catalog or contact with us about your inquiry.

Healthy glass containers for your human being, clear glass with clear future.

Cosmetic Packaging

REDEX™ is learding factory of glass cosmetics packaging. Since 2001 REDEX™ corporates development and increases the capacity.
Nowadays packing industry head towards to glass because it is healtier than plastics. And one important point is plastics has cancirogens.
REDEX™ produces as glass cosmetics packaging;

  • Cream Packaging,
  • Perfume Packaging,
  • Medicine Packaging.

Wholesale Perfume Bottle

The company carries out politics for covers demands of customers. We are selling products directly to customers that order high pieces or medicine producers. expired domains Also we got best price solitions for customers that order low pieces.

We are offering price advantage to who orders less than a container product, but there’s a disadvantage that is deliver order late. For instance A company orders a container product then we add B company’s order which company was waiting for shipping. And products come with same price.

There is a one diffirent with wholesaling and exporting, that is purchasing to pieces. If your order is more than one or two containers, you are ready to import. we metioned advantages on top take average 2-3 months to be product. There is only one disadvantage that is production time.


Perfume Bottle Price Rate

Competition in glass industry, in process since 2005 and it goes higher. Mass production and technology transfering have a part in competition.

But energy is a most effecting factor of price rates of perfume bottles and other glass products. During perfume bottle production, most important things are keeping factory working 24 hours, keeping raw material melted and keeping molds warm up.

Turkey is being in glass industy with high quality, also machine industy is ever-growing.

Most effecting factors to price rates of glass bottles;

  • -Energy
  • Raw Materials
  • Labor Force, (Energy has a part in cake as 70%.).

Production of Perfume Bottles

Perfume bottle production has standart technics.

Using blow and blow technic when production flask(perfume, beer). On process of blow and blow technic, melted glass droplet(1050°C – 1200°C) blows and roll up on mold.

Perfume bottle production with steps:

Perfume bottle production

Perfume bottle production

Widemouthed glass bottle:

Flask production with steps

Widemouthed glass bottle

Flask production with steps:

Flask production with steps

Flask production with steps relevant domains Llitcaparabhund

OEM Perfume Bottles

OEM perfume producers, produce either own produced or purchased from chemical companies perfumes cheap and qualified. The important thing in perfume market, is low price for to use perfumes from everyone.

Perfume bottles and covers have simple appearance because of perfume bottle production costs.

OEM perfume producers become more in Turkey market, after that compatition in perfume market is ever-growing. And some of Turkish companies are in demand in european market.

Perfume Bottles Catalogue

Boş Parfüm Şişesi

Turkey has big perfumery market but there is a lot of producer and product, so that earning-rate goes low. Turkish perfume producers in domestic market, also they are looking for way to get in european market and other markets.

Beforetime companies which were using empty perfume bottles, procure bottles from Iran and Syria. Nowadays Chinese factories is leading to bottle production industry, because of quality and low prices.

High energy technologies and cheap coal which is using in glass melting furnace in China, are effecting to production price in industy.

Please visit our catalog for empty perfume bottles.