About Us

Krem Kavanozları

REDEX™ established brand of Shanghai Ying Yuan Group in 2001.

REDEX™ merged our Turkish and Arab peninsula knowledge and society with Chinese investor who is from state of Jiangsu, China. We built better facility than presents conditions and record a turnover of 19,3 M USD.

China has an important place in glass market because of well-posed to raw materials and, cost-efficient workers.

REDEX™ products 20 cc, 30 cc, 50 cc and, 100 cc of perfume bottles and, cream jars. Also, we have aluminum cover press and plastic injection machines. Trough we can produce our own aluminum cover, plastic cover and sprays(valves).

REDEX™ services big customers in respectively with Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey and export to other South Africa countries.

REDEX™ is planing to increase production capacity 8M to 15M pieces in 2020.

Export and Domestic Market Rates

REDEX™ produces :

  • Perfume Bottles
  • Medicine and Syrup Bottles
  • Cream Jars
  • Spray and Valves
  • Aluminum and Plastic Covers

As is also understood from graphics, the company has an important place in foreign markets with joined fairs and internet advertising.

Either placement or far from customers, the company has no good selling. After production and as quick as we can ship and clear through customs because faculty well-posed to Shanghai Port.

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