Perfume Bottles, Glass Cream Jars, Sprayers and Bottle Caps

Perfume Bottle, Cream Jar, Spray and, Cover. Here is our GLASS CONTAINER options.

  • Perfume Bottles
  • Glass Cream Jars
  • Medical and Amber Bottles
  • Sprayers and Atomizers
  • Aluminium and Plastic Bottle Caps

are in demand in Turkey’s market. Either our best prices or delivery speed, The Company has an important place in market.

Best Price

Factors affecting our prices;

  • Having big product capacity,
  • Well-posed factory and cost-efficient workers,
  • Well-posed to raw materials,
  • Using fully automatic machines, and non using human power.

Safe Import

We’r offering safe import from China.

  • Having two investors, one from Turkey and other from China.
  • No need to know import procedure to import, we will help you for the process.
  • Having record in Shanghai Consulates.

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